Mother & Baby Massage Oil

 Our mother & baby massage oil is amazing for both mum & baby. A beautiful oil suitable from birth is lovely to use in your bedtime routine and is a great way to have some quality bonding time with with your baby. 

Research has shown that baby massage can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce sleep problems with infants, improve bonding and interactions between parent and child. 

Our oil is designed to be soothing and replenishing for your baby's delicate skin and is extremely effective at re hydrating dry skin on newborns.

*Suitable from birth*


Apricot Kernel


Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E. 

Vitamin E's antioxidant properties protect against free radicals (which cause damage and age the skin) and promote skin cell regeneration. 

Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe the skin and reduce redness. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control.

Jojoba Oil is also used to help keep skin soothed and hydrated.

Sweet Almond Oil


Sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. 

The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal sore, dry and irritated skin. 

Vitamin E

vitamin e used in placenta skincare products

Vitamin E has a wonderful antioxidant effect on the skin offering protection and regenerating new skin cells.

Vitamin E also help to protect the skin against the sun's ultraviolet rays.