At Cherished Placenta, client satisfaction is our number one priority. We operate at the highest standard whilst offering our clients a personalised service. 

We can only book in a set number of mummies per month to give you the best possible service. 

We believe every mother deserves to have the benefits of her placenta, which is why we offer payment plans on placenta encapsulation packages, making our services more accessible to everybody. 


Cherished Placentas offers their services across East Anglia.  A courier fee may apply outside of this area. To enquire whether a courier fee would be applicable for your location please email

Prices placenta pills

Simple Capsules £200

Simple Placenta Pills

The simple method involves the placenta being dehydrated - known for more energy placenta capsules placenta pills

Steamed Capsules £200

Steamed Placenta Pills

The placenta is steamed before being dehydrated with lemon, ginger and chilli, loosely based on the Traditional Chinese Principle placenta capsules placenta pills

50/50 Option £230

50/50 Placenta Pills

Tincture £75

Used as a follow on remedy after your capsules. 
Just 6 capsules are used to make a liquid form of y

Used as a follow on remedy after your capsules. 

Just 6 capsules are used to make a liquid form of your capsules. A very potent remedy that is life lasting & can be used throughout your menopause placenta pills placenta capsules

Mother's Essence £50


Placenta Keepsafe From £20


Additional Products Available

EU compliant Cosmetics


All of our cosmetics are handmade using all natural, organic ingredients

Facial Oil £35 30ml/50ml - £55


Sample Size 

Mother & Baby Balm £35 -50ml/100ml £45


A Multi-Use Balm 

Whipped Body Cream £65 150ml


Mother & Baby Massage Oil £35 100ml


Smoothie £50


*Please enquire before booking

placenta pills placenta capsules


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