Cherished Placenta Capsules

A placenta can yield anywhere between 90-280 capsules, depending on the size of the placenta.

Simple Capsules £200

The simple method involves the placenta being dehydrated from it’s raw state. It is thought this method to be more energising 

Steamed Capsules £200

The placenta is steamed before being dehydrated from its raw state with lemon, ginger and chilli. It is thought this method to be more calming and rebalancing 

50/50 Option £250

You can have the best of both worlds with this option, which includes half simple and half steamed. 

Extra placenta remedies all made from your amazing placenta

Placenta Tincture - £75

The placenta tincture is one of the best selling aftercare products, which I highly recommend if this will be your last baby. 

The tincture is a liquid form of your capsules that will last you long after your pills have ran out. 

This amazing remedy is said to help mum through fatigue, menopause, stress and periods - what’s not to love! 

This product takes 8 weeks to complete and will be sent separately 

Mother & Baby Essence - £55

The essence is made from using a small piece of raw placenta and stilled water to help with the energetic 

Both mum and baby can use this wonderful remedy in times of transition, separation anxiety and sleep transition  

Placenta Smoothies - £50

I absolutely love smoothies & would highly recommend every mummy to consider them. 

A small piece of raw placenta is blended with organic berries, bananas & spring water. 

Reported benefits; 

  • Helps stop post-partum haemorrhaging & heal internal wounds
  • Reduces blood loss
  • Gives the body an immediate supply of essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Provides the body with an immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth
  • Gives the mother an immediate feeling of strength and balance 
  • Most mothers who have the smoothie report milk ‘comes’ in at 2 days post-partum rather than 3-4 days post-partum
  • Eases the hormonal transition to post-partum and helps to prevent the ‘baby blues‘ around the time milk engorges the breasts 

Homeopathic Remedies - £60

Homeopathic remedies have been used for many years to help with lots of pain issues. 

You many have heard of teething granules for your little one? 

You can order your own remedies, designed for you & baby. 

You will receive 7c potency for baby and 30c for mummy. 

If you you would prefer higher potencies, please enquire before booking  

Framed Umbilical Cord Keepsake - £40

A beautiful cord keepsake to treasure forever. Depending on the length of the umbilical cord you can opt for a love heart or the word love. 

The umbilical cord is presented with a baby pink or baby blue glitter backing in a beautiful 3D frame.

NEW! Smoothie Packs -£180


Love the idea of having your whole placenta prepared into little packs all ready to just be blended each morning. 

You will receive individual frozen packs with a choice of your favourite fruits. 

Placenta Tincture


300ml with 30ml dropler. Add 10-40 drops in a glass of water when required to help replenish yourself

Placenta Essence


300ml with 30ml droplet. To be used when needed 



x2 500mls of pure goodness. Made within 24 hours and delivered in its own mini cooler bag with fresh gel packs 

Homeopathic Remedies


Umbilical Keepsake


How many of us have stored that little stub of your babies cord once it has fallen off! Now you can have a beautiful presented keepsake of your babies umbilical cord, which will last forever. 

Lots of colours & choices available - please let me know your ideas 

Smoothie Packs


Love the idea of using your whole placenta into smoothies. All prepared into little packs ready to just pop into your blender each morning.

A 14 day supply to give you an immediate boost of pure goodness  

Gorgeous Organic Skincare Products for mother & baby

Cherished Placentas Packages