Jenny Shreeve

"Great communication and personal service from Nikki who was so lovely and warm.
I was worried about milk production and PND after baby and had a really difficult pregnancy. I had the smoothies and the capsules. I wasn't sure about the smoothies beforehand if I'm honest but id definitely recommend them.
I gave birth to George in the morning at about 5am and was buzzing with energy after my shake. I walked from the room I was in to the desk in the evening to ask if I would be getting any pain relief in the night and they were so surprised I hadn't needed any during the day and that I was walking around so easily as tore.
The whole experience was very empowering. I was up the school when he was 5 days old doing school run and people commented on how well I looked.
At home I took the capsules and honestly they helped so much with my mood and I had an abundance of milk. Baby didn't even lose his birth weight and still feeding strong at 7 months old.

Nikki has been so supportive, checking in with me to see how I was getting on and made me a lovely 'love' lettering out of the cord. She also advised how healthy my placenta was which was reassuring as the consultants had scared me saying it may fail because I was 10 days overdue

I can't recommend her enough :)"

placenta capsules
placenta pills

Chailey Giles


Before becoming pregnant with my second I was aware of placenta encapsulation but with my first it wasn’t something we ever got round to actually looking into unfortunately.

I discovered Nikki through an online Hypnobirthing course called The Positive Birthing Company. We Hypnobirthed with our first pregnancy but second time round we really threw ourselves in and felt placenta encapsulation went hand in had with Hypnobirthing. It was everything we were about and felt it was such an obvious choice for us.

I was 37 weeks pregnant at this point and didn’t even know if Nikki would have space for us on her books but thankfully she was happy to accommodate our last minute booking. We freely chatted over email tweaking one of her packages to suit our needs.

My husband and I then met Nikki in person at the parent & baby show in Norwich, after meeting I knew we’d chosen the right person. Nikki was so approachable and we left feeling like she was a friend. We were so excited to reap the benefits of my placenta!

Everyone we told thought we were a bit hippy but we just didn’t see it like that. We’re the only mammals who don’t instinctively eat our placenta after birth to put all that goodness and nutrients back into our body. It was a no brainier for us!

Boy am I glad we did, I chose the simple capsules with a raw smoothie prepared by Nikki at the hospital straight after birth. A quick text sent to Nikki when we was in labour on our way to hospital was all we needed to let her know she would need to come collect my placenta soon. We took our cool bag containing all we needed to safely store the placenta which Nikki had provided.

Nikki seamlessly collected and prepared my raw smoothies so quickly. I couldn’t wait to drink the first one, it was like my body craved this magic power food. I was happily surprised to be given two smoothies which Nikki recommended to drink the first straight away and the second either the following day or whenever I felt my body needed it. The smoothies tasted amazing, much to everyones surprise when I told them. All I could taste was mixed berries. My capsules would then be delivered to our home in the next few days, I couldn’t wait. After my smoothie I felt amazing, I felt whole, like all my exhaustion from labour had been restored even after a being awake all night.

Once delivered I took three capsules a day religiously as Nikki had suggested, my placenta produced over 100 capsules so I had a great amount to take. I saw the benefits within days, my milk came in on day two, there was no furious cluster feeding and I felt so energetic. I’d planned to be kind on myself and my body after birth and to stay in bed if I felt I needed to but this time I didn’t feel I needed it. I had so many compliments saying how well I looked. I felt on cloud 9, I never wanted these tiny magic pills to ever end!

Nikki was also an absolute delight I couldn’t recommend hiring her enough. I’ve already messaged her saying I’m desperate for another placenta to make these wonderful pills. I’ll just have to wait until baby number three makes an appearance!

Gemma Rose

 A massive thank you to Nikki for going above and beyond with our placenta encapsulation! The service from the very first enquiry through to delivery has been second to none! Receiving everything back within 48hrs. I am almost a week into taking the tablets and I am feeling pretty good - coping well with the sleepless nights and my milk supply is doing well and keeping up with the little milk monster we have created! Arlo and myself are feeling the benefits and we also have a beautiful keepsake to cherish too! thank you again! 


Marianne Rose

"From start to finish Nikki is a true caring professional with an absolute passion for her job! Nikki was able to fit me in with a bit of a late decision to have my placenta encapsulated and made into a smoothie!
Nikki was so easy to contact and swift to respond, turning up to the hospital for collection and smoothie prep within about 12 hours of birth! At a time when your tired and feeling a bit vulnerable, Nikki’s friendly face was very welcome!
The smoothie - firstly, it tastes fantastic! Just like a delicious berry smoothie, YUM! From day one I had plenty of energy and just generally felt pretty fantastic.
Then came the capsules, delivered again by the lovely Nikki just days later! I continued to just feel brilliant, despite the obvious lack of sleep and all the energy zapping of the newborn and toddler lifestyle! We were out and about and even at a wedding on day 8 too! I was full of milk (seriously couldn’t keep up with the flow!) not a weepy day in sight and the compliments were flooding in, ‘you look so well’, ‘you look amazing’, ‘how are you out already?’. I remember feeling so emotionally fragile after my first was born, just so up and down and tearful. But barely even a bottom lip wobble this time, which I felt made it so much easier to bond with the newest addition and manage those night feeds and cluster feeding like a pro! I truly believe this was all thanks to the wonderful placenta capsules.
They’re so good, I couldn’t bare them to end and I’ve called on Nikki yet again to make a tincture from my capsules!
I tell most people about my experience with placenta encapsulation, most look at me sideways with risen eyebrows! But then I explain all the benefits and their curiosity is peaked!
Nikki is just fantastic and so genuine I can not recommend her enough! Thank you Nikki! ❤️❤️ "

Anna Ayres

"I’m so pleased I decided to have my placenta encapsulated - I feel amazing now 3 weeks after having my little one, and I did right from my first capsule. So quick and efficient - I wish I had these after my first child too! The facial oil has really helped my terrible acne aswell - after trying numerous things from the doctors which never worked. Highly recommended 🌟"


Aimee Louise Cooper

"Where do I start .... I cannot thank Nikki at Cherished Placentas enough!

I knew before I was even pregnant I wanted placenta encapsulation! So when I fell pregnant December 2017 I started my search - I was turned down by several companies due to being out the area they work and was starting to loose hope .... then along came Nikki!!!

After one email my dream was coming true! Finally someone who could do this for me! I booked it straight away after discussing all the options with Nikki, she was so informative and I went back a fair few times with some ‘silly’ questions. She was always there for me throughout my pregnancy!

After 37 weeks my pack arrived I couldn’t be more excited! And in the freezer it went!

Fast forward to week 40 and still no baby - I panicked as I started to hear various things about placentas if baby was late - again after speaking with Nikki she reassured me everything was fine!

Along came baby Aurora Rose at 41+1 which was due to be a home birth - unfortunately this turned into an emergency hospital trip, here’s me having been in labour for 2 days, pushing for over 8 hours at home and as the paramedics come for me I’m saying ‘don’t forget my placenta bag!’ I had it all laid out - so my doula got the ice packs out the freezer and along it came with me!

A VERY quick delivery via forceps in theatre after having a spinal block ( which I really didn’t want) all I could think of was my placenta - I heard them say something about it and I said ‘YOU HAVE TO SAVE IT I BROUGHT MY BAG!’ I gave the midwives a giggle with it all - my only wish is I had looked at it!
My husband was then in contact with Nikki to say baby was here, he had already been in contact saying I was in labour and informed her of the emergency hospital trip and new collection location.

She turned up a few hours after baby was born and I’m so sad we never got to meet but due to me being in recovery it wasn’t possible. The placenta care package was with my neighbours ( as we were still in hospital and I didn’t want the postman to take it away!) the very next day!!! I couldn’t wait to get home to have them.

I was overwhelmed by the gorgeous box they came in - felt like Christmas, I chose two different types and started on the raw ones for healing I was taking 2 tablets 4 times a day, once they were finished I switched to the 50/50 for energy! As an ex professional ballet dancer now full time ballet teacher I felt like energy was what I needed due to being so physical for my job, and also planning on returning to work when baby was 4 months old.
We attended a wedding with aurora who was 10 days old and people said how incredible I looked! I also started attending groups with her at 3 weeks old and meeting friends and family who also said the same! I fully believe it’s down to these pills! I felt amazing even though the trauma I had gone through. I was actually sad when they were finished - but still have a tiny bit of the body butter left!

I would also say the mother and baby balm cleared up Aurora’s cradle cap, she had it really bad and I used that constantly and it disappeared almost overnight.

I would recommend placenta capsules to any expectant mum, it was one of the best things I did - now Aurora is about to turn 6 months I can’t believe it! I really feel like I put myself in the best possible place for her by doing this I felt so well even despite the trauma suffered. And made becoming a new mummy such a wonderful experience because I was feeling so well in myself. But by choosing Nikki you’re getting a personal touch and I also feel like she’s now a friend of mine for being able to bring me something so special.

Thank you 💕"

Lucy Emma Lindsay

"I really believe a review should be honest, so please read this if you are considering or stuck deciding on whether to have your placenta encapsulated by Nikki at cherished placentas.

I'm a natural worrier and so indecisive so at first I was unsure on how I felt about having my placentas encapsulated. I was pregnant with dcda twins so I had two placentas, I didnt know much about encapsulation in general and even little on having two placentas done! I had only heard about it through my best friend who had it done with her second child, after a not so good time with her first she was so happy with the difference it made the second time round and highly recommended it. When she won a competition through Nikki she wanted to gift me the opportunity to have mine done too. After going over and over whether to or not and trying to find reviews from twin pregnancy's online and failing to find any I decided to go for it and message Nikki..

From the first email sent Nikki was so lovely, she advised me, was patient and just so easy to get on with. With twin pregnancy you are warned your twins can arrive at any point. Nikki made sure my cool bag and instructions where with me in time (hand delivered to my husband who she talked everything through with and put at ease!).
When the big day came by husband let Nikki know I was in hospital and then kept her updated. As promised she was there that evening after I had delivered my babies to collect the placentas. After a little misunderstanding with the hospital which she sorted for me so I had no stresses she got them and came to see me in recovery. This was the first time I had met Nikki, but it didn't feel that way and that's when I was then so excited to for my smoothies and capsules.

I opted for the smoothies aswell as the capsules and I am so glad I did. During labour I lost 1.2 litres of blood and was very anemic before birth already, after birth I was told it was likely I would need a blood transfusion so when Nikki arrived the following morning with my smoothie I couldn't wait to have it! By my next blood test my blood levels had already raised, and they kept rising. Enough so that I didn't need one! This was my biggest worry through pregnancy, losing blood. Because I had the smoothies it wasn't a problem and I am so grateful. And for those of you who are wondering - the smoothies just taste like berries and other fruit! Haha.
(another bonus a few days after I had my smoothies my milk came in and a lot of it!)

Having two placentas I got a generous supply of capsules, I went for the 50/50 options. Honestly, I do prefer one more than the other, not for any reason other than how well I find it works for me. They gives me so much energy and trust me with newborn twins you need it! My twins are now 3 months old and I am still taking them, not always daily but as soon as I start to feel the tiredness or a little stressed, anxious or just a bit low. I take them and I really do notice the difference.

This was my first pregnancy so I cannot comment on whether I felt differently to before although I can tell you how well I have coped, people comment all the time and I do feel proud. I think if I didn't have the smoothies I wouldn't have had the start I did, things would have been a lot diffrent and a lot harder. I'm not the best writer but basically what I'm saying is it was one of the best decisions I made through my pregnancy and I'm so grateful to my friend and Nikki for giving me the opportunity. Thank you.

I hope this has helped you make your decision and I really hope you decide to go for it too, it is so worth it. If I have any more children I won't even think twice.

Nikki you are amazing. Thank you!"


Rosie Taylor

"Wooo I’m just loving these placenta capsules !! Teddy is 1 week old today and my milk has come in SOOO much easier than last baby , I haven’t had any ‘ baby blues ‘ as such even though it’s been a crazy week handling a newborn and a toddler . I can 💯 percent recommend giving it a go for anyone swithering and wondering if placentas make a difference in postnatal recovery .. replace your hormones the natural way !!"

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