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I provide an outstanding service for mummies whom wish to have their amazing placentas made into wonderful remedies, which can help you heal after birth the natural way

Your Amazing Placenta

Once your placenta has been birthed your hormone levels are massively depleted, this often leaves you feeling low, tired & generally not yourself.  Unfortunately many women experience a number of postnatal issues including; The dreaded baby blues, lack of milk supply, low mood & energy & PND. 

Scientific research now shows that your placenta is jammed packed with so much goodness after-birth. The composition of your placenta has 15 different hormones, all essential for the recovery & well-being.

Your own placenta is remarkable & yet it can sadly be over looked, especially afterbirth.  This incredible temporary organ nourishes your baby, passing vital nutrients, hormones & oxygen to your growing baby, whilst removing waste products from your baby's blood. 

Your own placenta can now be made into capsules, taken on a daily basis as a supplement to help reintroduce what has been lost after birth. 

Ironically, many people are not aware that eating your own after-birth has been practised for many years all over the world, historic evidence shows that this was a normal practise up until the 19th century within the UK

Gemma, Norfolk

"Placenta Capsules were amazing. My iron levels were amazing and i didn't need to blood transfusion like i did with my William. My milk flow was playing ball, my scar from the c-section healed lovely and most of all NO tears of anxiety. I've also not felt too tired and with 3 under 6 that was a massive bonus"

How Your placenta can help you heal afterbirth

Your placenta contains all of these essential hormones, nutrients, amino acids & stem cells. Placenta encapsulation helps to capture all of these & more, facilitating a much quicker recovery post-birth.

  • Iron– Essential for oxygen absorption in the cells.
  • Vitamins B6 - Aids the making of antibodies.
  • Vitamin E – For healing damaged skin cells.
  • Oxytocin Hormone – Essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding.
  • Corticotrophin – Releasing hormone (CRH) responsible for reducing stress levels.
  • Cytokines – Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and the replacement of damaged cells and tissue.
  • Thyroxin – Helps you to return to your pre-birth weight in just half the time after birth.
  • Stem cells - Helping to repair damaged skin and boost collagen production in the skin.
  • Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone - Contribute to mammary gland development, stabilise postnatal mood, regulate postnatal uterus cramping, decrease depression, and normalise and stimulate libido



The first ever scientific study on the composition of the placenta was conducted at Jena University in Germany in 2018. The study was crowd funded, which cost on average £50,000

Here is a little caption from the study " Placental tissue is a source of natural hormones, trace elements and essential amino acids – the ingestion of raw or dehydrated placenta could influence postpartum convalescence, lactation, mood and recovery".


What is placenta encapsulation

Dried placenta powder was recognised as a potent medicine in Europe for centuries and used to treat and cure many ailments, mostly those surrounding birth. However since the late 19th century, most natural birthing methods have been replaced by modern birthing techniques, losing along the way many valuable traditions practised for centuries. 

The benefits of consuming the placenta are being rediscovered and scientists are beginning to study placentophagy. Today there is profound anecdotal evidence and scientific studies that suggest consuming the placenta can be just as beneficial for humans as it is for other mammals. 

Testimonials from our clients reveal that consuming the placenta after birth may improve energy levels, increase milk production and slow or stop postpartum haemorrhaging, thus creating an overall healthier post-birth recovery. 

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What could placenta encapsulation do for you? 

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a QUICK step by step to placenta encapsulation



 The first stage you should do is your research to make sure placenta encapsulation is right for you. If you decide it is, then make sure you find a placenta specialist that is fully certified and registered with the environmental heath, so you can be rest assured your placenta is handled correctly and safely.  



 If you are happy with everything and would like Cherished Placentas to be apart of your postnatal recovery, please fill in our booking form & we will be in touch 



 Throughout your pregnancy there might be certain situations that arise and you become concerned. Once a booking has been made, we are there to support and guide you right up until baby has been born and throughout your postnatal recovery 

Storage kit


 Once you are between 36-37 weeks, you will receive your storage kit/collection kit. You need to pop the gel packs straight into the freezer. Once you go into labour you will need to take them with you, along with your kit to the hospital with you 

Inform your midwife


 Once you go into hospital, let your midwife know that you would like to keep your placenta. Inside your kit are instructions for the midwife to follow to make sure the placenta is stored correctly and safely. A lot of mummies pop it on their birth plans too! 

Going into labour


When you go into labour we ask for you to give us a quick text. This allows us to be prepared. Once baby arrives, you will need to text or call me so arrangements can be made to collect the placenta within 12 hours. (We usually suggest your birthing partner to take charge of this, that way you’ll have one less thing to worry about)

Once i have collected your placenta, you will receive your capsules within 24/48 hours. 

At any stage, if you are concerned or have any questions, we are available 24/7 

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