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We have added new control measures to satisfy the contactless requirements for the collection of the placenta in line with the guidance for social distancing. 


Placenta capsules to help your postnatal recovery

"Learn more about how your placenta can benefit you throughout your postnatal recovery"


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A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service

A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service

A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service

Cherished Placentas are registered and inspected by The Environmental Health & are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards, offering a stress free and premium service to all of their clients

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A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service

A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service


Discover all the wonderful remedies and products that can be made using your placenta to help you heal, recover and replenish yourself throughout your postnatal journey...


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A Placenta Encapsulation Company Offering A Premium Service

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What mummies are saying...


Rebecca Grant

"Nikki came to pick it up. She encapsulated it using a Chinese medical method , then two days later  a beautiful package arrived. It was really beautifully presented and you just didn't think about the fact you were eating your own placenta.

I had no baby blues this time round. I'm producing a play for the London theatre called Frida's Return about Frida Khalo and I was so busy fundraising and going to meetings, it was madness - but I was able to handle it.

My milk supply was also really good.

I had been suffering from bad asthma and cold sores but a couple of weeks went by and I felt more energised, my skin was much better and I was healed after the birth within a week. My cold sores disappeared and my asthma improved. 

Two weeks after I gave birth I had to produce a trailer for our play. I had to dance and act and get into my costume in a hangar in Norfolk.

The second time around the pregnancy was much harder. The last two months I was so tired and heavy.  

If it wasn't for my placenta and all that healing and goodness and building blocks to health, I don't think I would have had an much energy and felt as energised as I do. I've even got back to the gym"


Maria Marshall

"From the moment we had our first phone call I knew I was making the right decision. Nikki was brilliant at answering all my questions and despite being pretty far away from my hospital I knew I felt more confident choosing Nikki especially as my local Placenta specialist wasn’t offering the smoothies - which I’d heard were fantastic.
As I was due to have a Caesarian it made it easier letting Nikki know when to collect however I went into labour a week earlier! I rang Nikki about 9am on the 28th apologising for the inconvenience yet within the new few hours I had a text from Nikki to say she was at the Reception area! Nikki was even lovelier in person and we had a quick baby cuddle & catch up then Nikki met my mum at my house to whizz up my miracle smoothies...and it literally tasted like an innocent smoothie so I couldn’t wait to have another the following day. 3 days after giving birth my milk came in! Previously with my first it was 6/7 days of painful cluster feeding so I couldn’t believe the difference already! Which of course meant baby girl was well fed & established at breastfeeding straight away. 4 days after giving birth I received the wonderful package of goodies from Nikki which were so beautifully presented. I couldn’t wait to start taking my capsules! 10-12 days after giving birth I was painkiller free, bleeding had almost stopped & the only tears I’d cried were happy ones.
With my previous Caesarian I remember feeling crippled with pain, the dreaded mum guilt every day & major baby blues that turned into complete melt downs. This time around I feel incredible and although some nights can be a bit tougher my general energy & moods are fantastic.
I couldn’t recommend enough how worth every penny it is! Every Mummy should go for it & invest in their health & recovery after baby. Thank you so much Nikki - I only wish there were more smoothies & an endless pot of capsules :)"x


Roxie Nafousi

”One thing i organised while pregnant, was to get placenta encapsulated. I started with a placenta smoothie at the hospital and then have been taking my pills each day: I honestly think this was the best decision ever, I have only felt tearful on one occasion, even though they say it is expected a lot as your hormones leave the body and I have had an insane amount of energy. I tricky believe it is because of these. I used Cherished Placentas and they were amazing and got my smoothies and pills within hours after deliver! I have also been lucky enough to have amazing an milk supply and again I think it’s down to these amazing pills! I couldn’t recommend it more!” 

benefits mothers have felt from placenta encapsulation


Increased Milk Supply....

Increased Milk Supply....

Increased Milk Supply....

"I never produced enough milk with my first born, now I have so much milk! I took extra capsules throughout the growth spurt period - they were a god send!"


No Baby Blues...

Increased Milk Supply....

Increased Milk Supply....

"Everyone warned me about the baby blues but once I understood why this happened it made complete sense to me to reintroduce those hormones in capsules form. I never had a dreaded day, only a little tear when things got too much!"


Faster Recovery...

Increased Milk Supply....

Faster Recovery...

"I haemorrhaged quite badly and lost almost 2 pint of blood. Nikki suggested I opted for a placenta smoothie - in fact insisted! After a few hours the doctors came to monitor my blood levels and could not believe how much they had increased, which meant no blood transfusion"





"My labour didn't go to plan and I ended up with having a c-section. I was worried how quickly I would heal as I had a 2.5 year old to look after too. I could feel the instant effects of the smoothies and after a few days of taking the capsules I was back on my feet. At my postnatal appointment with my midwife she was so impressed how I was recovering and how my scar was healing. 

I swear if i didn't have my placenta my recovery wouldn't of gone as smoothly as I did"





"After reading all the reviews i decided to book in & wow, one of the best decisions I made for myself for my recovery. I can't believe I was even considering it, what is there to consider?! I had more energy than i've ever had, I felt energised even after those sleepless nights and caring for a toddler"






"I suffered PND with my first born,I was so worried history would repeat itself I was told that doing this could prevent it happening. I was very sceptical but I would of done anything to avoid it happening again. I took each day as it came but soon quickly realised that I just felt a lot happier and more relaxed than before. After a few weeks I just knew I didnt have to worry! I had the best post birth recovery and would 100% recommend this to every mum"

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