About Cherished Placentas



Welcome to my site! I'm Nikki, the owner of Cherished Placentas. I had my placenta encapsulated with my 2nd son in 2015. Due to be benefits I had felt, my passion for placenta encapsulation grew so much that I set up my company Cherished Placentas Ltd, to be able to educated people all about the amazing benefits of the placenta!

What is Placenta Encapsulation? 

Dried placenta powder was recognised as a potent medicine in Europe for centuries and used to treat and cure many ailments, mostly those surrounding birth. However since the late 19th century, most natural birthing methods have been replaced by modern birthing techniques, losing along the way many valuable traditions practised for centuries. The benefits of consuming the placenta are being rediscovered and scientists are beginning to study placentophagy. Today there is profound anecdotal evidence and scientific studies that suggest consuming the placenta can be just as beneficial for humans as it is for other mammals. Testimonials from our clients reveal that consuming the placenta after birth may improve energy levels, increase milk production and slow or stop postpartum haemorrhaging, thus creating an overall healthier post-birth recovery.