How does the process work?

  • Once booked in you will receive a chiller pack when you are 36-37 weeks 
  • You MUST read the placenta collection and storage pack
  • Once in labour/at the hospital you or your birth partner must contact Cherished Placentas on 07882604020 
  • You must let your midwife know you wish to keep your placenta
  • After baby has born and the placenta has been delivered if you/birth partner can send a text to confirm
  • A Cherished Placentas specialist will arrange to collect the placenta within 12 hours at your home or chosen hospital 

Whats included in the price?

  • A Placenta Chiller pack couriered to postal address 
  • Specifically designed and validated Placenta Chiller Pack - Keeping the placenta below the critical control temperature for up to 36 hours.
  • Collection of placenta
  • Chosen products 
  • Special Delivery of all products
  • 24/7 support from booking and beyond

How long does it take to collect the placenta?

  • Within 12 hours after the placenta has been delivered. 
  • The placenta chiller pack is designed to maintain the correct temperature for up to 36 hours - This is why is is super important that we receive a confirmation text that you are in labour so we can monitor the times.

What happens if I have to be induced?

  • We are fully aware that some inductions can induce labour immediately and some can take a bit longer. In this case we ask that you keep your placenta specialist up to date so we can monitor the timings for the placenta chiller pack & discuss arrangements if need be. Everything else stays the same  

The Placenta Chiller Pack

  • Your placenta chiller pack is what will keep your placenta stored safely and correctly. Labour can be very unpredictable and anything can occur throughout any stage of labour prolonging the freshness of the gel ice packs. Here are some helpful tips that we suggest to clients

              "Although we offer guidance and reassurance - we will support any issue that can not be resolved"

  • Ask your midwife if they could store your x4 ice packs in their freezer, most midwives are happy to support a mother's wishes and will do so if they have a freezer on the delivery department

  • Birth Partners are often told to go home to get some rest if their partner are not in established labour, if this is the case ask your birth partner to take the chiller pack home with them and to refreeze the ice packs ready for the next morning

I'm booked in for a casearian?

I'm taking regular medication?