Placenta Smoothies

I absolutely love smoothies & would highly recommend every mummy to consider them for their postpartum recovery especially for c-section mummies and mother's that have haemorrhaged after-birth *smoothies can be booked in after labour*

High concentrations of birth hormones and placenta stem cells in raw placenta can provide a new mother with the energy and nutrients needed to heal faster, produce more milk and feel stronger after birth. 

A walnut size of raw placenta is blended with;

 organic berries, bananas & spring water and just tastes like a regular smoothie - i promise

  • Helps stop post-birth haemorrhaging & heal internal wounds
  • Reduces blood loss
  • Gives the body an immediate supply of essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Provides the body with an immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth
  • Gives the mother an immediate feeling of strength and balance 
  • Most mothers who have the smoothie report milk 'comes in' at 2 days postpartum rather than 3-5 days postpartum
  • Eases the hormonal transition to post-birth 

Placenta Smoothies Contain Live Stem Cells

Because placenta smoothies are made from a small piece of raw placenta they will still contain stem cells, which are responsible for the repair of damaged tissues, and the replacement and regeneration of tissues.  

"Stem Cells are responsible for the repair of damaged tissues, and the replacement and regeneration of tissues that turn over rapidly, such as the skin, blood or the lining of the intestine. 

Recent evidence suggests that most, if not all tissues may contain stem cells with the potential to repair damaged tissue". 

What To Expect

Placenta smoothies are made immediately after the collection of the placenta. You will receive x2 500mls bottles; one to be consumed immediately and the other one the very next day, allowing enough time for your capsules to be posted back to you to carry on with your postnatal healing 

Placenta smoothies are usually made at my clients kitchen, chosen hospital or at my premises. This will be discussed with yourself prior to booking